RollEye is a patented sensor platform for effective monitoring of salmon lice and biomass. With RollEye you get a full overview of salmon lice and biomass in the cage.

Maintenance-free automatic salmon counting and biomass measurement

Rolleye is an “all in one” fish sensor system for monitoring salmon and trout.

Rolleye delivers daily reports with a full overview of salmon lice and biomass to the fish in the cage. With measurements based on thousands of measured fish each week, the fish farmer has the data basis to make better decisions for the economy and fish health.

RollEye is based on patented technology for contrast mechanisms in salmon lice, stereophotogrammetry, and a design that allows the entire fish to be measured from all angles.

Self-cleaning technology removes biofilm and roe biscuits (!) On the camera lens, and continuously ensures optimal visibility. This means that the system has minimal maintenance compared to other underwater cameras.

Automatic lice counting

Our patented technology ensures accurate estimates of lice numbers for the cage in the following ways:

Overview of the cage’s average number of lice per. fish for each lice stage
Overview of the distribution of lice on fish
Historical data

Free-hanging sensor in the cage ensures a large number of measured fish per day and a short habituation time. Cloud-based solution enables an overview of several cages and several facilities from one user

Automatic biomass measurement

RollEye uses 3D imaging technology with high-resolution stereophotogrammetry to ensure accurate measurement of K-factor and weight. RollEye has a 360 degree field of view for inspection of the fish from all angles.

The innovative design ensures:

  • Compact design – The sensor can be handled by one person
  • No sharp edges – No risk of damage to the groove wall
  • Robust design – Plastic surfaces – No corrosion, no anodes, No rotating gaskets
  • Easy installation and moving of instrument – Only 230V needed on the edge of the cage. No installation on the raft
  • User interface

All data about the fish is presented in a web interface:

Key data, distributions, averages, and trends are presented in clear graphs.
Export data to Excel

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